The Impact of the Global Climate Changemaker Summit

The Global Climate Changemaker Project, and its gatherings and projects aims at a big impact for participants, in three broad areas:  awareness and inspiration; empowerment; and action. Here’s how we’re approaching each of these:

Awareness and Inspiration

  • Give educators and school leaders the opportunity to learn about climate change; its causes and global effects; and the work of global changemakers.
  • Provide policy makers, politicians, and storytellers opportunities to see the good work that students, teachers and schools are doing
  • Show interconnectedness among three damaged and interconnected ecosystems: the earth’s climate; the teaching profession, in far too many places; and a STEM ecosystem that still leaves too many people behind.


  • Connect students, schools, and educators to the latest climate science, and spread the work of the new global Office of Climate Education
  • Following the work of STEM++, help school leaders and policy makers understand how to build STEM ecosystems of opportunity for all students


  • Share open educational resources, including high quality, inquiry-based science curricula
  • Launch climate change design challenges with partner organizations in the US and globally
  • Shift from “learning about” to making change – including accepting personal challenges and changes